Maintenance Issue? We Can Help!

Please select the type of issue you are experiencing.

Urgent Issue

An urgent maintenance issue is one that that could cause significant property damage or poses a serious danger to a person's safety or security.


  • Broken elevator
  • Suspected natural gas leak
  • Flooding or major water leak
  • No heat (through heating season)
  • Broken fire alarm or smoke detector
  • Broken window glass
  • Apartment telephone issue (Purdue Village only)

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Non-urgent Issue

A non-urgent maintenance issue is one that requires service but does not pose a serious danger to a person's safety or security and is unlikely to cause significant property damage.


  • Burned out lighting
  • Plumbing fixture problems
  • Minor water leak
  • Broken window or window screen
  • Damaged furniture
  • Air conditioning problems (through cooling season)
  • Irregular heater sounds
  • Pests
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Internet Issue

For internet service issues, please contact the ResNet Service Desk at (765) 494-2200 or visit the ResNet web page to request repairs.

Not Sure?

If you are not sure about what type of maintenance issue you are experiencing, please contact the main office of the building in which the issue is located for further assistance. Thank you!